02 December 2009

Dec Collection

Circle Retro ( Italian printed Chiffon fabric)
Rm 80 (4 meters + Lining too)
Personal collection. Planning to make Kurung Moden but tak jadi.
Coz I'm so pissed with the tailor. Hantar dah lama tapi tak buat juga :(
So I'm letting it go for CHEAP!
SOLD to Kak Hafizah.
Tq kak!

Circle Retro II (Italian printed Satin fabric)
Rm70.00 (3.5 meters)
Personal Collection too. Planning to buat Kaftan and to add some beading details. Sure cantik kan. But same story jugak la. So I'm letting this go too. CHEAP! sehBold
SOLD to Miss Diamond. Tqvm!

Limited edition!!
Blue Striped (Italian Cotton)
Rm 120 (4mtrs x 54" wide)
Blue Stripe with white and grey stripe features a timeless embroidered print on in.
Classic look for Baju Kurung
* Euro Moda/ Silk Street selling at Rm69.00 a meter. Seriously!!

Cotton Candy (Japanese Cotton)
Sevenberry Collection
Rm130.00 (4 meters)
This is just sweet for every one.
Hot item.!!
SOLD to Kak Engku.

BiscusBrezz (Japanese Cotton)
Rm 90.00 (4meters)
This one lain dari yang lain.Bold

Orange Groove (Japanese Cotton)
Rm90.00 (4meters)
SOLD to Miss Diamond


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