20 December 2009

MIX & MATCH - Polka Dots

This is our latest Polka Dots Collection.
Do MIX & MATCH the fabric if you want.
Simply email or sms the lenght and color order to mailto:qasehboutieque@gmail.com or 016.384.3894
Note: All Sold Out.
Italian Fabric
White dots on Pink based
RM60.00 (4mts)
Fabrics is soft, flowy and it drop/shape the dress nicely.

Italian Fabric
Pink Dot on White based
RM60.00 (4mtr)
Fabric is soft, flowy and it drop/ shape the dress nicely.

Italian Fabric. 45" width
Rm60.00 (4mtr)
Fabric info same as above.
SOLD TO Mama Marsya

Italian Fabric - 45" width
Rm60.00 (4mtr)
Fabric info same as above
SOLD to Mama Marsya

Japanese Cotton
Rm60.00 (4mtr)

Japanese Cotton
Rm60.00 (4mtr)

16 December 2009

I Heart Kitty - Promotion

Greetings Ladies..

Celebrate The Season of Giving at QFB!
Purchase any of the "Mon Petit Cheri Collection" (min of 2mtr) and received a complementary *Limited Hello Kitty Bag.
Perfect as a Christmas gift, Birthday or Surprise presentor anything you can think off.
Kids can take it to her music class, mengaji, tuition class or you can use as a kain sembahyang bag. (yg mane standby kain sembahyang dlm kereta or yg bawak pergi kerja tu ;)
So what are you ladies and hot mama waiting for. Place order for you, your kids or niece now!!
Promotion ends 30 Dec 09. *while stock last.

Selamat menyambut Awal Muharram, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

14 December 2009

Swiss Cotton Collection "Be Different"

Oh Bubble..
Japanese Cotton.
Soft fabric with Blue, Black and Grey circle on white background.
60" width x 3.5 mtr
Rm60.oo (Free Postage)
SOLD to ms. Aniza. tx dear!

Red Floral

60" width x 3.5 mtr

Swiss Cotto. Exclusive Design
Rm 120.00 (3.5mtr)
SOLD to K. Hafiza
SOLD to Katrina
SOLD Pn. Yatie


Mon Petit Cherie Collection.

Imported Swiss Cotton. Exclusive design. 60" width.
Make adorable dresses, kurung or any sewing project.
Open for Pre-Order. Closing date 30.12.09.
Send out for delivery by the 1st-2nd week of Jan
Do place your order now. Email or sms the code name and length required.
Deposite 30% upon booking & full payment before delivery.
Price rm32.00 per/mtr

Merry Poppin (WHITE)

Sweet Pastel fabric. Come in 2 color background
Little Pink umberella with a bow on white background

Perfect for Little girl!! Make lovely Dresses & Kurung or Simply express your young heart out with Baju Kurung Moden.

Stock in hand (3.5mtr)Rm112.00

- SOLD to Ms. Mira (4mtr)
- SOLD to Pn. Yatie (1.5mtr)
-SOLD to Kak Sri (3.5mtr)

Merry Poppin (Pastel Pink)
Swiss Cotton (60" x 3.5mtr) Stock in Hand
Little white unbrella on pastel pink background

SOLD to Pn. Yatie (1.5mtr)

Lil Bun'Bear (BLUE)
Bear and pups playtime on babyblue backgrown

Bears and pups playtime on soft pink to peach background
SOLD TO Pn. Yatie (3mtr + Free Gift)

Le'Mon Petit
Little best of friends on white background


02 December 2009

Dec Collection

Circle Retro ( Italian printed Chiffon fabric)
Rm 80 (4 meters + Lining too)
Personal collection. Planning to make Kurung Moden but tak jadi.
Coz I'm so pissed with the tailor. Hantar dah lama tapi tak buat juga :(
So I'm letting it go for CHEAP!
SOLD to Kak Hafizah.
Tq kak!

Circle Retro II (Italian printed Satin fabric)
Rm70.00 (3.5 meters)
Personal Collection too. Planning to buat Kaftan and to add some beading details. Sure cantik kan. But same story jugak la. So I'm letting this go too. CHEAP! sehBold
SOLD to Miss Diamond. Tqvm!

Limited edition!!
Blue Striped (Italian Cotton)
Rm 120 (4mtrs x 54" wide)
Blue Stripe with white and grey stripe features a timeless embroidered print on in.
Classic look for Baju Kurung
* Euro Moda/ Silk Street selling at Rm69.00 a meter. Seriously!!

Cotton Candy (Japanese Cotton)
Sevenberry Collection
Rm130.00 (4 meters)
This is just sweet for every one.
Hot item.!!
SOLD to Kak Engku.

BiscusBrezz (Japanese Cotton)
Rm 90.00 (4meters)
This one lain dari yang lain.Bold

Orange Groove (Japanese Cotton)
Rm90.00 (4meters)
SOLD to Miss Diamond

01 December 2009

Tempahan Baju Kurung

(Baju kurung aje ya..)

Good news to anyone who is interested to make Baju Kurung.
Now you can choose the material here and we will make the baju for you..:)
Just send me your baju sample so that we can make according to your size.
It will take roughly around 2-3weeks. Once siap we will mail it right to your door step. How convenience is that!! ;-)
Price for sepasang Baju Kurung is Rm45.00 sahaja. So to who ever yang susah nak cari tailor tu can try my service ya. If you need it fast we can always discuss. I will upload some sample soon.