27 August 2009


Fyi, I have a new site and would like to share with you lovely people!!
My personal new and preloved treasure. "So much stuff so little space"
1st collection uploaded.
Choice of dresses, shoe and accessories at low bargain price!
Quick click and take a peek.

Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

A new night of the sacred month, the crecent moon is in sight,
a time for contemplation, humanity & spirituality.
I wish you selamat berpuasa.
May this holy month bring you happiness, strengthen your iman,
decrease your sins & purify your heart,
Insya'Allah your doa will be heard & accepted,
and may you have countless of blessing
Salam and be blessed. Always,

18 August 2009


Hello Ladies..
This batch we have 4 pieces fabrics.
A limited item. Especially the English and Japanese Cotton.
Hi-end quality and satisfaction Guaranty.
Don't miss out this collection. Only one piece in a market and only you will be wearing it.
Enjoy your viewing, Be blessed and Have a good day ahead.

Qs0809 Checkered Blue
Imported 100% Japanese Cotton
3 1/2 mtr. 60"
RM175.00 (FREE Postlaju)
Usually used to make Men's Shirt. (Lord's Tailor)
Nice for Kurung , Pesak and Baju Melayu young boy.
SOLD to K.Yatie

QS0809 Peach Paisley
Pure English Cotton
3 1/2 meters. 60"
Rm 185.00 (FREE Poslaju)
Limited Piece. Hi-end Quality Cotton
This fabric is so LOVELY!!
Only 1 pcs each available in the market
Available in Soft Peach, Soft Yellow, Lite Blue, Lite Purple
Lovely as a gift to special person, family and friends
SOLD to Tunku Mona

Qs0809 Jungle
Indian Cotton
4 Meters
Rm130.00 (FREE Poslaju)
An additional Indian Summer Collection

QS0809 French Fern
French Chiffon + Lining
3 1/2 meter. 60"
Make sepasang baju
Rm 73.00 (FREE Poslaju)
Only 1pcs available.
Just trying out other fabric beside cotton ;)
SOLD to Haliza