21 June 2009

Cotton Linen

Hi ladies.. Latest collection in store. Enjoy your visit and drop me a line if you need more details of the fabrics.
Have a good day ahead!   

Cotton Linen
Soft printed (Top) and Plain (Bottom) cotton linen.


Casa Rubbia - Japanese Cotton

Casa Rubbia - Japanese Cotton
Rm80.00 (4meter)

White a'wake

(SOLD to Zalifah)

Red Saga
(SOLD to Sue)

Sweet Sundae
(SOLD to Diana)
(SOLD to Aniza)

Japanese Cotton - Italian Print

Italian Print Japanese Cotton
Rm160.00 (4meter)

(SOLD to Nazrol)
Japanese Cotton
La Tanpopo Collection
Rm160.00 (4meter)
Fabric soft,lite and a little shiny
Small flowers on Pink /Yellow background
Soft Pink

Honey Mustard

Japanese Cotton

Japanese Cotton
4 meter

Twinkies (SOLD to D)

PopCorn (SOLD)

Bluebell (SOLD to D)

Pakistan Cotton - June Collection

1 set (Baju, Sarong & Shawl)
Fabric need lining (just for sarong)
No repeat stock
(Do call for further fabric discription)

Apple Mint (Rm80.00)

Red Earth (Rm80.00)

Navy (Rm80.00)

Grapeade (Rm80.00)
(SOLD to Su)