18 August 2009


Hello Ladies..
This batch we have 4 pieces fabrics.
A limited item. Especially the English and Japanese Cotton.
Hi-end quality and satisfaction Guaranty.
Don't miss out this collection. Only one piece in a market and only you will be wearing it.
Enjoy your viewing, Be blessed and Have a good day ahead.

Qs0809 Checkered Blue
Imported 100% Japanese Cotton
3 1/2 mtr. 60"
RM175.00 (FREE Postlaju)
Usually used to make Men's Shirt. (Lord's Tailor)
Nice for Kurung , Pesak and Baju Melayu young boy.
SOLD to K.Yatie

QS0809 Peach Paisley
Pure English Cotton
3 1/2 meters. 60"
Rm 185.00 (FREE Poslaju)
Limited Piece. Hi-end Quality Cotton
This fabric is so LOVELY!!
Only 1 pcs each available in the market
Available in Soft Peach, Soft Yellow, Lite Blue, Lite Purple
Lovely as a gift to special person, family and friends
SOLD to Tunku Mona

Qs0809 Jungle
Indian Cotton
4 Meters
Rm130.00 (FREE Poslaju)
An additional Indian Summer Collection

QS0809 French Fern
French Chiffon + Lining
3 1/2 meter. 60"
Make sepasang baju
Rm 73.00 (FREE Poslaju)
Only 1pcs available.
Just trying out other fabric beside cotton ;)
SOLD to Haliza


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