07 July 2009

Indian Cotton

This fabric is very soft and quite thin. But its so very confortable.
This Indian cotton is nice to make a Pesak Gantung with out "kekek". (just a suggestion ya). Make it a bit flare so it look like a dress. As for the sarong you need lining for it and do a lipat batik style.
Grab this frabric, You will stand out and look diffrent from others. Im gonna make one for myself too. Once ready i'll share with you ladies ya. ;).
Indian Cotton
RM130.00 (4mtrs)
Note: if you need more then 4mtrs. Please inquire within.

Coco Paisley
(SOLD to Pn Yatie)

Blue D'Cacao
(SOLD to Lynn)

Caremel Swirl (Out of Stock)

Orange Cream
(SOLD Out)

Purple Teal
(SOLD to Rani)

Trina Turk
(SOLD to Rani)

Turquoise Feather
(SOLD to Rani)

Lobster Circle

(SOLD to Rani)Bold


Coco Cream

Orange Masala

(Out of stock)

Blue Wave

(Out of stock)

Diamond Francesca

(Sold to Rani)


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