14 February 2009


Exclusive Pelikat Tenun Collection
Cotton Tenun Benang 9000
We have a variety of colours for all occasions.
The fabric is very soft and can be used as a "Samping" as well.
Lovely to match with plain Baju Kurung.
Only Rm38.00

Qs001 - Oceana
Sold to Zul Kasri

Qs002 - Honey Mustard
Sold to Dr. Halina

Qs003 - Plum & Raisin
Sold to Untie Nanie

Qs004 - BrownSugar
Sold to Zul Kasri

Qs005 - Cinnamon

Qs006 - Turquoise
Sold to Untie Nanie

Qs007 - Classic Black
BoldSold to K. Zau

Qs008 - Caramello
BoldSold to Safuan

Qs009 - Olive Olie
Sold to Bob


Anonymous said...


Kain pelikat yg ala-ala sama dgn Qs009 - Olive Olie ada lagi tak?

Qaseh said...

Sorry all sold out. cuma tinggal "Cinnamon" aja.

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